Their future, Their Apps

Our San Francisco Bay Area After School Coding Class: Application Design Dojo teaches students the basics of .js (Javascript) coupled with our own CodeFu Curriculum.  Students will be able to create a number of user friendly applications that will teach them the skills they'll need for their generation!

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App Design:

  • 8 - 16 weeks: 60 minute class/week based on the needs of your school

  • Students will learn:

    • Front End & Back End Development:  The languages of JavaScript with & Code Fu scrolls that teach our students about real functions, variables, and commands that are seen in the programming world.

    • Ninja Technical Skills:  Students will learn to use command shortcuts,  folders,  types of files, and the characters on the keyboard required of coding languages.

  • Dojo start dates vary; check your school for specific start dates

  • The CodeFu Dojo is located in the computer lab at your school

  • Class size ranges from 8-14 students


Coding Tools

CodeFu Scrolls

Our CodeFu curriculum consists of challenging tasks that will teach students the basic coding languages of Javascript. The scrolls instruct students how to add new elements and are designed to challenge students and to encourage them to problem solve with their peers.  Our App Design Dojo uses the Caret Console to input our code and to display our Apps.