Coding Board Games K - 5th+

In an effort to spend some time off-screen, the CodeFu Team have compiled a list of our favorite Coding Board Games that will allow your children & students to step away from the screen and have a blast learning to code with tangible objects.


Robot Turtle K-2

Robot Turtle is an excellent game for students in grades K -2nd.  Students "program" their turtles to navigate the board to reach a diamond; all the while learning about commands, functions, and loops.  Other students/Teachers then act as the "Computer" and move the turtles however the players programmed them.


Coding Farmers 3rd - 5th+

Coding Farmers is an excellent Coding Game created by High School students that teach kids how to Code.  Using cards that have the actual programming language of java, players must compute #'s in their head in order for their players to move.  This game is best for 3rd - 5th+ and those who have an understanding of basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).


Code Monkey Island 3rd - 5th+

In this crazy game, students try to get their monkeys to the Banana Grove.  In order to move, their monkeys must fulfill a number of conditions.  Through various Booster & Fruit Cards, students learn how variables, loops, and functions work! This game is best for 3rd - 5th+.


Robot Mouse K - 4th

Robot Mouse makes learning to code tangible by using a robotic mouse and customized maze. Students can create a variety of puzzles and must solve them using coding cards; they then program the mouse to follow the cards to get to the cheese!