Coding Websites & Apps: 3rd - 5th+

The CodeFu Team has compiled a list of our favorite Coding Websites & apps for parents and 3rd - 5th+ grade teachers to use in the classroom.  These are quick & easy introductions into Computer Programming!  All of the websites have free courses; you can purchase more if it is the right fit for your home or classroom.





Scratch is the OG blocked based coding website.  Beginning in 2002 and finally launching in 2005, nearly all websites & applications that teach block based coding have replicated the Scratch format.  Scratch is one of the only platforms that truly allows students to program anything that they can imagine.  Scratch definitely takes time to learn the user interface but there are a number of helpful tutorials on the site.  At CodeFu, we have a "Scratch Survival Guide" that teachers of our partnered schools can access.


Code Combat

Code Combat is an excellent puzzle game that requires students to type code in the actual languages of: Python, Ruby, or JavaScript.  In doing so, students learn how important details and diction is while programming computers. Code Combat gets very tricky on the later levels and requires some knowledge of Computer Science or going through all of the puzzles.  Great for 5th - 8th graders and 3rd - 4th graders who have efficient typing skills.


Made With Code

We love Made With Code because it's designed with girls in mind.  In an industry dominated by men, Made with Code introduces students into Computer Science and hopefully sparks interest for them to delve further into coding and perhaps become the Software Engineers of the future!  The projects are best for girls(or boys) in 2nd grade and up.



Tynker is a fun and interactive website that teaches kids to Code.  Tynker's free courses are a great introduction to 3rd - 5th grade.  Tynker's courses are a bit more on the "game" side than most of the other websites but its still a great intro to coding.  Their open platform coding can also be a bit confusing and requires some personal tinkering with the user interface. Tynker is also available on the ipad or tablet.


Light Bot

Light Bot is a collection of challenging puzzles that teach students how to do basic programming.  Recommended for 3rd - 5th; however the courses get very difficult quickly.  Excellent for the classroom for a few sessions but expect a lot of questions when students start getting to the later levels. Light bot is also available on the ipad or tablet.


Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a great website for 3rd - 8th.  It teaches students the basics of computer programming through various project based activities like games and applications.  Students must have a very independent style of learning as the courses can be challenging.