Our Code Fu Dojos:

Our CodeFu Enrichment Programs give students the opportunity to continue their Education in Computer Science & Coding

Our Code Fu Mini Dojo girls being silly after programming games at Bentley

Code Fu: Mini Coding Dojo

Using iPad/Asus Tablet applications like Scratch Jr, Kodable, Light bot, and Bloxels coupled with hands on board games that promote social problem-solving, Code fu's K-2 Dojo teaches students the computational logic of Computer Science/coding as well as provides them with an introduction into a number of block based coding languages.  The second session will focus on tangible coding and will be introducing robotic coding using a number of Coding Robots such as Cubetto!


Mr. P teaching Python during our Summer Dojo @ Convent & Stuart Hall

Code Fu: Upper Grade Dojo:

Using a number of fun Coding languages designed specifically for kids such as Scratch along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby, students will be creating a variety of projects from games to customized websites; allowing them to learn the computational logic of Computer Science.  They will be learning real languages and gaining an understanding of how programming affects our world.  The following Dojos will scaffold on these skills by introducing Coding Robots which will demonstrate to the students the connection between coding and the real world!