The Art of CodeFu (\kōd fǘ\):

A martial art-like level of skill and mastery in Coding/Computer Programming.



At CodeFu, we pride ourselves on our ability as classroom teachers to empower our students by providing them with the skills they need to change the world.

The Bay Area’s Best Coding for Kids Enrichment Program designed by Teachers and Software Engineers bring TK - 8th graders education in STEM, Coding, & Computer Science conveniently to their classrooms. CodeFu’s Coding Classes scaffold upon curriculum taught during Day School or in centers by implementing National Common Core Standards integrating subjects into coding from PE to Science.

Our After School Bay Area Coding for Kids Classes scaffold programming, logical, & concentration skills by using the focus seen in KungFu. We teach the fundamental logic of programming along with languages such as: Block , Ruby, Python, Java, HTML5, Css, & .Js by teaching our kids to code Websites, Apps, Games, Robots & more.

We’re honored to teach at some of the best Schools in the Area!