Code Fu's Complete School Immersion


Code Fu can provide everything your school needs to become recognized as a National Computer Science Immersion School.  Our School Immersion Program focuses on Teacher Professional Development, Day School Implementation, and After School Coding Dojos.

Working closely with Superintendents, Directors of Technology, Principals, and Teachers, we help to design, create, and implement Computer Science through curriculum that is specifically designed for your school.  Our skill set is designed to provide your school with everything you need to know to become a Computer Science Immersion School - from purchasing hardware, to teacher training, to classroom implementation; we're there every step of the way.


  • Teacher Workshops
    • Informative and Effective Professional Development workshops that provide your teachers with the tools they need to tackle Tech problems as well as the confidence to teach Coding in their classroom.  Our workshops provide curriculum for every grade level Teacher from Kindergarten to 8th Grade.


  • Multi-Subject Coding Electives during Day School
    • Code Fu provides schools with our expert instructors by coming by the school once a week to teach an in school Elective Course which couples with the curriculum taught during the Workshops.  Teachers can then scaffold from these lessons if they so choose.


  • Obtaining Laptop/ipad/Coding Resources
    • Our Code Fu Curriculum team has scoured the World for the most effective and valuable Coding resources including Board games, Robots, ipads/tablets, Computers and off-screen projects. We've done all the research so you don't have to!


  • Lunchtime Studios
    • An open classroom in the library or computer lab for students of all ages to come and learn about Code Fu/STEAM in a relaxed, un-pressured environment; students can work on any tech project with support from your Librarian/Technology Director.  We'll give your school the option to open one up.


  • Maker Spaces
    • Allow us to help your school transition your former library into the Maker Space as well that kids and technology will flourish in!