MineCraft is a game. It's also an excellent tool for teaching coding.

Being Gamers ourselves, our CodeFu team love our San Francisco Bay Area After School Coding Enrichment: MineCraft Modding Dojo where students will learn how to use Javascript to makes changes in the world of MineCraft! Ever seen an egg thrown explode a huge selection of blocks? It's a blast.


MineCraft Modding

  • 8 - 16 weeks: 60 minute class/week based on the needs of your school

  • Students will learn:

    • MineCraft Mod Coding: Students will learn the language of .js (javascript) through modifying different elements within the world of MineCraft

    • Computational Logic: ComputerCraft allows students to access a computer console within the game, students will learn how to program robots to perform functions in the world of MineCraft.

  • Dojo start dates vary; check your school for specific start dates

  • The CodeFu Dojo is located in the computer lab at your school

  • Class size ranges from 8-14 students