MineCraft is a game. It's also an excellent tool for teaching coding.

Being Gamers ourselves, our Code Fu team love the MineCraft Modding Dojo where students will learn how to use Javascript to makes changes in the world of MineCraft! Ever seen an egg thrown explode a huge selection of blocks? It's a blast.


MineCraft Modding

  • 8 - 16 weeks: 60 minute class/week based on the needs of your school
  • Students will learn:
    • MineCraft Mod Coding: Students will learn the language of .js (javascript) through modifying different elements within the world of MineCraft
    • Computational Logic: ComputerCraft allows students to access a computer console within the game, students will learn how to program robots to perform functions in the world of MineCraft.
  • Dojo start dates vary; check your school for specific start dates
  • The Code Fu Dojo is located in the computer lab at your school
  • Class size ranges from 8-14 students