The Future "Mini" Mark Zuckerbergs

Our K - 2nd Dojo is specifically designed by Kindergarten Teachers to teach students both the basics of coding as well as the social skills required to problem solve and interact at this young age.  Skills learned here will benefit our Mini Code Fu students in day to day school life as well as on the Computer.

Along with curriculum designed by the Code Fu, students will have access to a number of Coding Applications & Games (many of which are brand new on KickStarter) to help their coding education.


Mini Code Fu Dojo:

  • 8 - 16 weeks: 45 minute class/week based on the needs of your school
  • Students will learn:
    • Computational Logic of Computer Science: Using Coding Boardgames, Robots (Cubetto), and Scratch Jr, students will learn the basics of Computer Programming.  Our Code Fu Kids will gain an understanding of sprites, variables, loops, and functions by coding their very own stories, games, and interactive apps.
    • Ninja Clan Skills:  Code Fu curriculum promotes cooperative social development by encouraging students to problem solve and debug their code together
  • Dojo start dates vary; check your school for specific start dates
  • The Code Fu Dojo is located in the computer lab at your school
  • Class size ranges from 8-14 students