Please be sure your school is hosting a CodeFu Dojo prior to registering your child, If they have not yet added CodeFu to their After School Enrichment Offerings, you can refer our School Request Form to your Principal, PTA, or Enrichment Coordinator.

**Cornerstone 3rd-5th Dojo is full**

**Cornerstone 1st - 2nd Dojo is full**

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Where your child will be going after the CodeFu Dojo; if pickup, please pick up promptly at the end of the Dojo
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To submit payment, please click the "Submit Payment" button at the top of the screen once you have submitted the registration form. - If you are planning to submit payment later, please do so within 24 hours and email our Director of Operations: once you have submitted. - Registration is not finalized until full payment is received - We do not prorate tuition
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