Screen Time - How Much is Too Much?


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Technology and its Exponential Increase

It's no question that with screens distracting us at every corner, it can be difficult to limit your child's & student's screen-time. 

The CodeFu Team understand that excessive screen-time during early childhood can lead to lifelong developmental effects such as anti-social tendencies, ADHD, & Obesity. 

We recommend that children 5 years or younger have no more than 1 - 2 hours of screen-time per day; if your child is younger than 3, we recommend zero screen time. 

Passive Screen-Time Vs. Educational Screen-Time

It's also important to understand what type of screen-time you are allowing your child to use.  Are they passively watching television or using brain functions on an application that is teaching them mathematics, spelling, coding, or another academic subject?

Passive screen-time includes anything that does not stimulate the brain and promote critical thinking: Noneducational Television or Youtube Videos, Video Games (Depending on the game, some promote critical thinking and creativity; however generally demand an excess amount of screen-time).

Educational screen-time includes anything that actively stimulates the brain and promotes critical processing/thinking.  Coding websites/apps, math games, spelling apps, memory games/puzzles, and anything that's educational.

We recommend trying a balance of mostly educational screen-time, some passive-screen time, and the rest of the time spent playing outside just being a kid!