BB-8 or R2-D2?

Our CodeFu team scours the world to find the best coding websites, apps, games, robots & resources to teach kids to code.  Our San Francisco Bay Area After School Coding Enrichment: Tangible Coding Dojo is an excellent way for students to be introduced to programming in a variety of fun, challenging ways.

 Tangible Coding

Tangible/Robotic Coding:

  • 8 - 16 weeks: 60 minute class/week based on the needs of your school

  • Students will learn:

    • Computational Logic: Using a variety of coding robots from "Dot/Dash" to "Osmo" to "Code Gamer", students will learn how to create video games and gain further understanding the different elements that make up coding.

    • Social Problem-Solving: In groups, students will troubleshoot, problem solve, and cooperate in order to complete the coding challenges.  Students will also be playing coding board games which encourage them to work together.

  • Robots & ipads(unless provided by school) are provided by CodeFu

  • Dojo start dates vary; check your school for specific start dates

  • The CodeFu Dojo is located in the computer lab at your school

  • Class size ranges from 8-12 students

Coding Tools:

Blocked Based Languages:

     "Scratch"                                "Source Code"

   "Scratch"                              "Source Code"

Coding uses different languages (HTML, python, Java etc.) to program a computer.  "Scratch" and "Blockify" are two languages that were designed specifically for kids.  By turning the raw code into very clear descriptions of what they do, students are able to learn how to program(code) by snapping the blocks together., etc. all utilize blocked based languages.


Tangible Robots (Dot & Dash, Ozobot, Osmo)

Coding can be more than just staring at a computer; with tangible coding we allow our students to observe the uses of programming a computer and how it affects our day to day world.  Using a variety of coding robots, students will learn the basics of programming (commands, functions, loops, debugging) in a social atmosphere that promotes problem solving and team building; two qualities often seen in the Technology workforce.