Credentialed & Day School Teachers: Learn Coding/Computer Science along with methods for Classroom Implementation while being paid $50 - $75/Hour


Ms. K teaching over 20 - students how to program Interactive Websites with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Coding belongs in Schools

After teaching Coding at over 50 Schools in the Bay Area, we've found that students learn best while with peers and in the safety and comfort of their schools. Code Fu allows new and established teachers of all ages to learn about Coding for Kids and how best to implement it in their classroom at any time.

We believe that Coding should be included in every Public & Private institution to better prepare our children and future generations for the technological advances that lie ahead. According to NPR, "It's projected that in the next decade there will be about 1 million more U.S. jobs in the tech sector than computer science graduates to fill them." With your help in joining Code Fu, we can change that today.

Training is Easy

Our Informative, in person, Professional Development Training will give Teachers the basic skills & confidence to then return to their school and teach a 1 - hour After School Coding Dojo while making $50 - $75 an hour; potentially every day during the week.  The Dojo will allow Teachers to solidify their new found coding skills that they can then bring into their classroom.

Teachers will be provided with weekly, easy to implement curriculum that has been designed from our extensive Research and Development Team utilizing nearly every Educational Coding Resource available on the Market (Examples include: Scratch Video Game Lessons, Bitsbox, Tynker, Dot & Dash Robots, Cubetto Robots, Coding Board Games, Website Design Scrolls, Osmo, among many others). Teachers can then implement this curriculum into their daily lessons however they choose.

While there are often Computers available in schools, we understand that there isn't always access - we're happy to provide laptops/ipads for the Dojo if needed.

Registration & Funding

Many School Districts are often very interested in these types of enrichment programs, however they lack the funding due to Federal & State Budget restrictions.  Our Program is funded both by Parents, PTA's, and or Districts themselves alleviating any financial barriers that often restrict children's education.

Registration for the Dojo is handled by check or online by Code Fu while working closely with Principals, PTA's, and Committees.