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Lower Grade Mini Dojo

(Pre K - 2nd Grade)

CodeFu's K-2 Dojo teaches students the computational logic of Computer Science/coding through fun and creative projects from games to websites that focus on themes from Bullying to Self Esteem and provides introductions into a number of block based coding languages.

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Upper Grade Dojos

(3rd - 5th & 6th - 8th)

Students will create a variety of projects from apps/games to personal websites beginning with block based languages before graduating to actual programming languages like: HTML, Css, .JS, & Python - allowing them to learn the computational logic of Computer Science and then using it for real world applications.

Mini CodeFu Dojo:

(TK - 2nd)

The Mini CodeFu After School Dojo is designed by Kindergarten Teachers to teach students both the basics of coding as well as the social skills required to problem solve and interact at this young age.  The skills learned will benefit our students in their day to day school life as well as for Coding.

Along with curriculum designed by the CodeFu , students will have access to a number of Coding Applications & Games (many of which are brand new on KickStarter) to help their coding education.




Game & App CodeFu Dojo

(3rd - 5th & 6th - 8th)

During our Game & App Design Dojo, our students become Video Game & App experts by learning the basics of video game design with block based coding and during our more advanced Dojos, python.  Our students learn everything about Game design from creating their own sprites to programming level design to coding the A.I. of baddies - they then take this knowledge and apply it by learning the fundamental building blocks of creating an App.






Website CodeFu Dojo: (3rd - 5th/6th - 8th)

Students learn the basics of HTML, Css, & .JS by creating their very own, custom websites from topics that interest them to the creation of basic games. Our Coding students have made websites about topics ranging from Animals to Sports!

Using CodeFu Scrolls, students learn the Website Building Process from Page Conceptualizing, Style Designing, & Coding Implementation.



Tangible Coding

Kids have an absolute plast applying their skills during our Tangible Coding CodeFu Dojo. It’s an excellent way for students to build on their programming skills in a variety of fun, challenging ways by using their knowledge with real life applications using hands-on coding resources to create everything from art to functional activities.