coding for kids franchise

The CodeFu Curriculum Teaches the Fundamentals of Coding while focusing on Social & Emotional Elements of Child & Adolescent Development - Incorporating Important Themes Relevant to Kids lives that range from Bullying to Self Esteem to Cooperation. Students begin at the grasshopper level at any age in a particular coding art before eventually progressing to the most respected and elite level of: codefu grand master.


Mini Dojos

(Pre K - 2nd Grade)

CodeFu’s K- 2nd Dojo teaches students the computational logic of Computer Science/coding through fun and creative curriculum that incorporate designing games to building websites to using code to fix real world solutions with robots. Our classes are unique in that they focus on themes from Bullying to Self Esteem and provides introductions into a number of block based coding languages!


Upper Grade Dojos

(3rd - 5th & 6th - 8th)

During our Upper Grade CodeFu Dojos, students will create a variety of projects from apps/games to personal websites to coding robots to help save real world problems like pollution or overpopulation - beginning with block based languages & continuing to programming languages such as: HTML, Css, .JS, Ruby, & Python. Important Social & Emotional Development themes are incorporated to empower our students to be themselves while changing the world!

Mini CodeFu Dojos:

  • Stage 1: Kindergarten Intro to Coding

  • Stage 2: Kindergarten Coding with Robotics

  • Stage 1: 1st - 2nd GAME CREATION (Block Coding)

  • Stage 2: 1st - 2nd ROBOTIC CODING (BLOCK CODING)


The Mini CodeFu After School Dojo is designed by Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Teachers to teach students both the basics of coding as well as the social skills & themes relavant to kids their age that are required to problem solve.  The skills learned will benefit our students in their day to day school life as well as for Coding.

Along with curriculum designed by the CodeFu team, students will have access to a number of Coding Applications & Games (many of which are brand new on KickStarter) to help their coding education.




Video Game Dev Dojo

  • Stage 1: Video Game Front End Design (BLOCK CODE)

  • Stage 2: Video Game Back End Development (PYTHON)

  • Stage 3: Video Game Debugging & Implementation (BLOCK cODE, PYTHON, & JAVA)

During our Game & App Design Dojo, our students will become Video Game experts by learning the front & back-end of video game design. Beginning with block based coding and progressing to Python, our students will have created a number of different video games throughout their journey. 





Website Design Dojo

  • Stage 1: Website Design (htmL5 & csS)

  • Stage 2: Website Design & Development (hTML 5, CSS & JAVASCRIPT)

  • Stage 3: Website Debugging & Implementation (hTML 5, CSS & JAVASCRIPT)

Students learn the basics of HTML, Css, & .JS by creating personalized websites & Choose your Own Adventure Games. During our more advanced classes, they will be creating projects from Mad-Lib games to Calculators while learning Java.



Robotic & Tangible Coding Dojo: A.I. & Machine Learning

  • Stage 1: Robotic coding with block based languages (INTRO TO RUBY)



During our Tangible CodeFu Dojo, our students learn how to apply their coding skills to their day to day lives. Using Tech tools from Raspberry pi to Coding Robots, our students will learn how to apply coding to solve real world problems.


Minecraft Modding

Ever harvested infinite Diamonds? Students will learn how to code by Creating, Designing & Modifying the world of Minecraft while learning Java & Python. They will be using console commands in game and designing, modifying, and creating different elements within the world of Minecraft. It's an absolute blast!