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Become an owner of Code Fu

Begin a Code Fu Franchise and join the movement to bring Coding to every Child in America. 

With Low Overhead Costs, A Unique Business Model, and the Freedom to Work from Home, opening a Code Fu Franchise is the simplest and most affordable way to start a business in a Newly Emerging and Extremely Popular Industry that teaches Kids to Code.

Bring Coding Enrichment to Schools near you

More and more schools across America are recognizing the importance of Coding. Computer Science Week and "The Hour of Code" are 2 - great examples of Teachers who are ahead of the curve and introducing Coding to their students.

Our Enrichment & School Immersion Programs go beyond what is taught in Day School and scaffolds upon it by providing Curriculum that is catered to each student's skill levels. 

Our Curriculum Team will provide you with everything you need to know to become a Code Fu Master.

Keep Coding in Schools

Kids learn best while with Peers and in the Safety and Comfort of their Schools. 

There are a number of "After School: Pickup/Drop Off" Coding companies that have recently grown in popularity.  While we love to see more opportunities in bringing Coding to Kids, we understand the difficulty many parents face in having the freedom to Drop-off & Pick-up their Children.

By keeping Coding in Schools, not only will students of all economic backgrounds be able to attend our Dojos; but it's also a great way to inform The Department of Education that Coding is a subject as important as English, Math, or Science.

Our Market Outreach Team will give you the skills you will need to work closely with Superintendents, Districts, Principals, and PTA's to begin a Code Fu After School Enrichment or Immersion Program at their Schools.

Startup Costs:


Initial Franchise Fee :                                                                 $20,000     

Leased Real Estate:                                                                    $0

Costs/Expenses to attend training:                                            $700 - $1,000

Laptops/Tablets/ipads:                                                               $5,300 - $12,000

Curriculum & Coding Resources:                                                $1,000 - $10,000

Office Equipment, Supplies, Compute                                        $1,000 - $2,500

Marketing Supplies:                                                                    $1,000 - $1,500

Business License, Insurance, DOJ & FBI Applications:               $1,000 - $2,000

Additional Funds & Working Capital for 3 months:                     $10,000 - $15,000


Total Startup Costs for Launch Including Franchise Fee:

          $40,000 - $64,000

Obtaining a Code Fu Franchise is as easy as

1,  2,  3. 


  • Step 1: After completing the form below, review our FDD  & Application that will be sent via email while we conduct a Background & Credit check

  • Step 2: Meet our Team & Founder during our Franchise Team Discovery Day

  • Step 3: Receive Franchise Approval, Sign Franchise Agreement, & Schedule Training Days.

  • Start bringing Code Fu Dojos to Schools in your area!


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