CodeFu: Coding for Kids Franchise


Average Launch Timeline: 1 - month

Total Startup Cost: $20,000 (franchise fee) + $14,500 (Curriculum/materials)

What are the benefits of opening a CodeFu Franchise?

CodeFu delivers Coding/STEM classes for kids to schools & their community - allowing our business model to be leaner & more effective in reaching kids. CodeFu was designed with the Modern Entrepreneur in mind - combining the freedom to work remotely with low overhead costs & high demand. CodeFu Franchisees recognize the long term benefits of our business Model by providing a unique service that’s both rewarding & beneficial to their community.

A CodeFu Franchise avoids the pitfalls of the retail space by bringing our fun & educational program to Public/Private/Charter Schools, After School, Pre-School, Birthday Parties, Community Organizations, Churches & more. With our unique combination of Community Events & Coding classes in schools, our franchisees can feel confident that CodeFu will be around for decades to come.

Once we’re in the Schools, we’re there to stay - often seeing students join the class in Kindergarten and stay until 5th grade. With the high demand for our services, ability to work remotely, & low overhead costs, a CodeFu Franchise is simply a Recipe for Success.

What is the CodeFu Curriculum?

The Art of CodeFu is designed by Teachers with years of experience in the classroom & implements more than just Coding/STEM. As Teachers, we implement important Emotional & Social Development themes that make our curriculum fun, educational, & uniquely designed for kids.

Other coding programs may use a progression system that looks great on paper but lacks the requirements often seen in educational institutions. With the presence of Principals & Credentialed Teachers, there is a required level of accountability for CodeFu curriculum that not only educates kids in a proper manner; but also creates a fun & safe environment - Offsite Coding Centers lack this accountability.

Our Coding Progression System is Project based - at the end of the 8 - 12 week period, students will have a project to take home to show their parents what they’ve accomplished - from 3D models to Websites to Games. We then cater our student’s curriculum based on their previous education & scaffold it, organically growing their skills at their pace. We’re always proud when we are able to witness our students beginning CodeFu in K/1st Grade and watching their skills grow monumentally until leaving the school 4 years later. When parents decide what program will most conveniently & effectively teach skills that will benefit their child’s future, they choose CodeFu.

How is CodeFu different?

CodeFu Franchisees recognize the importance of keeping Coding Education as Diverse & Accessible as possible.

If you walk into any Coding Center, you will see a disproportionate ratio of boys to girls as well as a program catered to a higher economic class. By offering our classes to schools with students as young as Pre-K/Kindergarten, many parents sign their children up simply as a test to see if their kids enjoy coding. In effect, our Coding classes see a more balanced ratio of boys to girls & give children of all backgrounds the opportunity to fine tune tech skills that will help to benefit their future.

Our Delivery Model allows us to bring our program to schools that are underserved and are often overlooked by State Funding - providing children from all cultural & economic backgrounds the opportunity to join the class via discounted rates, grants, and scholarships. Offsite Coding Centers are only convenient to parents who have the privilege of picking their child up in the middle of a busy school day, dropping them off, & picking them back up.

Our Franchisees agree,

“Out of all the Education Franchises out there, CodeFu is definitely the way to go!”

William Sutjiadi, Franchise Owner - CodeFu San Diego, Del Mar & Surrounding Cities

“As a parent, I see the value in the CodeFu Model; from a business perspective, it just makes sense to bring Coding to kids at school.”

Todd Gun - Owner CodeFu Irvine, Tustin & Surrounding Cities


Do I need to have a Tech Background?

Not at all! Through a 4 day training at the CodeFu Head Quarters located in the Tech Mecca of the world - Silicon Valley, our team will give you business strategy, classroom management, & coding skills you need to confidently begin a CodeFu Franchise.

The CodeFu Curriculum is constantly being innovated with incredible results. All of our Franchisees will have access to this curriculum at no extra cost.


What is My Role & how does CodeFu HQ support my success as an Entrepreneur?

With the ongoing assistance of CodeFu HQ, the franchisees role is to be the face of CodeFu in your territory. Their job is to be the CodeFu Grand Master and work with school liaisons, manage their team of instructors, & grow their business.

The purpose of CodeFu HQ is to ensure that our franchisees are supported & successful. Through weekly Digital Check-ins & visits from our team, our Franchise Support Team will give you the skills you need - assisting you every step of the way from setting up your business entity to contacting schools to teaching your classes and hiring instructors.

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Being considered to open a CodeFu Franchise is a simple 3 - step process.

Step 1: After submitting the above “Request for Consideration” Form, we will send you an email to schedule an OnRamp Call. After the intro call we will send our FDD.

Step 2: Once you have reviewed the FDD & determined your proposed territory, we will set up a call to answer any of your questions & schedule a Franchise Discovery Day while we conduct a credit check.

Step 3: During our discovery day you will be able to meet our Founder & Team, finalize the Franchise Agreement, and begin training. As soon as training is complete, you can begin bringing CodeFu to your community!

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